What a Year! What a Year! What a Very Loooooooong Year!

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What a Year! What a Year! What a Very Loooooooong Year!


Like my (modified) song lyrics have to say… this year has been one for the books. But, not in all the ways you may expect.

Yes, it’s been a long year of rebooking trips, moving clients and helping clients handle insurance claims. We, at Glow Travel, have never been more grateful for our amazing clients, friendships and relationships within the industry.

On a personal note, I am so proud of the Glow Travel team and everything that we’ve accomplished, supporting one another and our industry. We’ve fought hard for the protection of our clients and our commissions within the industry! We still are!

Looking back, 2020 helped us learn new skills, enhanced our training and allowed us space to reinvest in our business.

With all the shutdowns and lockdowns, it also gave us moments of pause and reflection.

We spent time with our families. Our kids learned new skills like cooking and baking (trust me, my waistline can attest to their newfound skills)! We bonded over card games and board games. We stopped being so “busy” (love and loathe this word) and started truly connecting with our loved ones.

There are some moments, I will remember forever.

2020 was hard in so many ways and some of our utmost challenges were put to the test.

It’s been a year. A full year of backyards. Front yards. Bathrooms. Living Rooms. Dining Rooms. Kitchen. This was NOT the travel we had in mind.

And, while skipping Italy for italian food wasn’t so bad, I know many more who’ve been on the frontlines keeping us safe and battling a pandemic head on. I won’t pretend to understand or know what that’s like, but I will offer my sincerest heartfelt gratitude.

Many of us lost loved ones and weren’t able to properly say goodbye. You will be forever missed. Please know that mourning together and apart, you are missed.

Now, on a sunny afternoon in April, I look forward to the days ahead when the pandemic is behind us, the borders are open and travel has resumed, until then I am thankful for the reset and the family time that it has created.

Friends, loved ones, clients, colleagues – we will get through this and travel again soon.

Until then, stay safe and enjoy your home-based adventures.

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