Ready to soar but doing it solo? There are plenty of solo-friendly adventures perfect for the cautious and the curious. From sipping cocktails in Maui to adventuring in Egypt, we’ve got single travelers raving about their experiences.

Solo but not wanting to go it alone the whole trip? Our host of tour operators allow you to see the globe and make new friends wherever you want to be!

Content to be solo? We hear you! Prepare to be pampered in a custom-tailored adventure that’s as adventurous or laidback as you are.

Some ideas to inspire you:

  • Wine tasting in Napa
  • Sunbathing on the Amalfi Coast
  • Trekking Macchu Pichu
  • Sipping Martinis in Manhattan
  • Snorkeling the Great Barrier
  • Finding Hobbits in New Zealand

No matter what you’re style or adventure – our experts will get you there!